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Vermilion Lakes Fall Reflections 24" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas

"Acrylics as a medium allows for maximum flexibility. I often work on canvas and Stonehenge archival paper using acrylics. I paint the edges of gallery canvasses and leave them unframed. Acrylics are excellent also for plein air and on-site painting. I work with a fairly classical palette of colours and enjoy the seemingly endless possibilities using combination of colours. The newer heavy bodied paints emulate some of the best qualities of oil paints. They don't dry immediately allowing for more blending and brushstrokes reach the sweet point more often." See also plein air and in-situ works

Morning View from Cascade Mountain Moraine Lake Sunburst Afternoon Light on Mount Rundle Blue Gold
Weaselhead in Summer Shining Willow on Pond Pathway Golden Moment
Cup of Tea Blue Teapot in Summer Letting Go Blue Teapot with Sisters
Easel on Fire Storm Lantern Mirror Painting