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By a Lady

29" x 23" 

Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper

$1200 framed

This is part of a series of paintings on the theme of self-reflexivity. I began the painting in 2008 and it took me two years to complete. The basket of artbooks include books I used as references for tours of National Gallery of Canada exhibitions that I particularly enjoyed including a Renoir and a Corot exhibition. I replaced their book covers with images of my granddaughters.By a Lady is a pivotal work by the same title by Maria Tippett on Canadian women artists. The blue tea pot refers to a series of paintings I began in the 1990s in which the highly-reflective surface of the blue teapot mirrors a moment in my everyday life. I was initially encouraged to deepen this theme of reflexivity for a number of reasons including Escherian perspective in spherical shapes that I spent a lot of time with in the weeks during the showing of Escher’s work at the National Gallery. The windows themselves are like pages of a book like a story within a story. I am drawn into books by the climatic literary descriptions and I am drawn into paintings in the same way.

This painting was exhibited in the Federation of Canadian Artists Autumn Salon 2012. It was also in the International Women's Day exhibition entitled virtual exhibition 2013

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