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Maureen Flynn-Burhoe 
Synaptic Web
Medium: Charcoal on Stonehenge paper
44" x 30" (image size)

Lifting layers of velvety charcoal, the eraser as paintbrush to let the light back in. The arcs are part of a recurring themes. They began a photo of the fibres of my handmade taken through a microscope in the biology department at the L'universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi. The bulb of the microscope created a backlight against which the ordered though entangled fibres were highlighted and the depth accentuated. The concept of support-surface was key to my work at that time. I would use an ancient gum arabic technique to develop photos of these fibres and other stages in the process of making handmade paper on the surface of handmade paper.

Over the years the image has morphed into arching shapes, rhizomes and synapses. It has been repeated in different sizes and media. This artwork will be in the Federation of Canadian Artists exhibition May 3, 2014

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