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Studio Within

Acrylic on Paper

This was begun shortly after moving into our Val-des-Monts studio-home. My paintbrush thrived in the light and warmth in this new space. My mind was grappling with feminist theory reading Donna Harraway, Patricia Collins and Dorothy Smith.

The perspective in this painting was partially inspired by Escher: the entire studio space is reflected in the hanging planter and the painter is painted into the painting within the painting.

Conceptually I was exploring my changing perceptions of space and time. Reflected spaces add complex layers to our perception of reality. Time entered a new dimension with the cancer diagnosis.

The figure painting, the one being painted, the artist who cleans the brushes and the writer of this text are the same person but they are not. They all exist in a different time. The passage of time transforms us so that the person we are is not the person we were or will be. By 'removing' dust and wrinkles the artist can play with the passage of time.

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